— Terms and Conditions —

SheetCNC.co.uk have created a design for a kit of parts which can be used to build a large-format CNC machine. However, SheetCNC.co.uk does not manufacture or supply the kit itself, nor does SheetCNC.co.uk provide any assembly services.

We may, at our sole discretion, offer free advice and help to SheetCNC kit owners to help them fit-out and use their SheetCNC kit with 3rd party equipment. For example, we may help with understanding error messages from LinuxCNC, diagnosing the cause of unexpected behaviours of the owner’s CNC controller, or suggestions of suitable feeds-and-speeds for a given job.

We do not supply the design of the kit, nor any element of the kit, direct to the public.

The following terms and conditions apply to all communications from SheetCNC.co.uk.

No Contract

SheetCNC.co.uk takes no payment – neither directly nor indirectly – for provision of services to SheetCNC kit owners.

No contract exists between SheetCNC.co.uk and the purchaser of a SheetCNC kit. If SheetCNC.co.uk undertakes to offer advice or help to a SheetCNC kit purchaser, then such advice and help are given free, in the hope that they will be useful, and do not constitute a contract nor an offer to enter into a contract.

If SheetCNC.co.uk believe that the advice and help provided are not proving useful to the recipient, such advice and help will be withdrawn and the recipient will be advised to seek local, expert help.

No Warranty

All advice is supplied free and without warranty in the hope that it will be useful.

SheetCNC.co.uk may offer for download a number of bespoke software items and documentation intended to optimise a CNC machine controller and other third-party software and to assist with building a generic CNC machine. These items are provided free and without any warranty in the hope that they will be useful.

Under no circumstances will SheetCNC.co.uk be liable for losses or consequential losses, or losses by a third party, however caused.

Design Limitations

The SheetCNC kit has been designed to be manufactured and supplied as a partial kit for the home assembly of a CNC machine. Additional elements – including safety protection features – are required to produce a complete CNC machine. These elements will vary depending on the circumstances of each installation and are not specified in the design or documentation provided by SheetCNC.co.uk.

SheetCNC.co.uk cannot know the circumstances of each installation and therefore SheetCNC.co.uk does not provide directions or support for the mechanical assembly of your CNC machine nor for any health and safety issues related to any installation.