— Crazy Stuff —

Why have we licensed SheetCNC kit production elsewhere? Well, it’s because we’re too busy using our own SheetCNC machines making other, fun stuff. Here’s a flavour of what we’re doing now…


PhieldBug is our answer to the question ‘What is the point of all those Teardrop Caravans on the market now, if they weigh half a tonne and cost as much as a full-size caravan?’

The answers we’ve come up with are: (1) 150kg empty weight. (2) £2500.

And, of course, PhieldBug is produced entirely on a SheetCNC Mk3 machine.

Find out more at PhieldBug.co.uk.

Walking Robots

KRAB and SiameseKAT are experimental walking robots. Each is the size of a large dog and weighs about 12kg. We built these originally to show off SheetCNC’s capabilities, but now they’ve acquired careers of their own and are in demand for local shows and festivals.


KRAB and SiameseKAT were at Maker Faire UK 2017 in Newcastle. A big thank you to all of you who showed so much appreciation! We had a lot of fun exhibiting the robots.


The mechanisms were cut on SheetCNC from high-grade MDF. The main leg-joints are fully ball-raced and the gears have true involute tooth-form, resulting in mechanisms which have a long life. The robots are controlled by an Arduino combined with a simple RC system.

Sorry: none of the walking robot designs are available as plans, kits, nor any other medium. We make and exhibit them for fun only.

Antweight Robot-Wars

A miniature version of TV’s ‘Robot Wars’. Tiny fighting robots just 4″ across. Everything about these robots has been designed and built from scratch, including the 3D printed mechanicals, the tiny programmable electronic controller which is about the size of a £1 coin, and even the arena they battle in.

All the designs are completely free to download. Head to MechanicalCat.org to find out more.

And our thanks to everyone at Maker Faire UK 2018 for enjoying the dozen hands-on robot-wars and hockey-battle Antweights which we exhibited. We hope you had as much fun as we did 🙂