— Who Are We? —

SheetCNC.co.uk operates in a small machine shop and design office in rural Pembrokeshire. We offer bespoke engineering solutions and consultancy.

The staff at SheetCNC.co.uk are makers, hackers and inventors. Our workshops are crammed with 3D-printers, all types of power tools and – of course – mini CNC milling machines. But when a client asked for a full-size CNC machine we just couldn’t find an affordable mill on the market. So we built one. From scratch.

And it was so good that we turned it into a product. SheetCNC is the result: a full-size, full-on 2.5D/3D CNC milling machine kit designed for makers and inventors who have big ideas but small budgets.

We’ve kept the machine within budget by replacing costly linear bearings with simple deep-groove races and by streamlining the drive system so that expensive anti-backlash gearing wasn’t required. We selected micro-chain drive to maximise the speed and strength of the actuators. Then we engineered SheetCNC’s structure to make best use of widely available materials without compromising on the rigidity and accuracy of the finished machine. The result was a direct-drive CNC machine tool built from steel and MDF which was tough enough to cut inch-thick furniture boards yet at the same time having such fine precision that it could produce tiny fully functional printed circuit boards.

We’re busy now on the design and development of other products. So the SheetCNC Mk3 design has been licensed to a local engineering company – PembrokeshreCNC.co.uk –  who now build and supply kits direct. They’ve also taken on support for our earlier SheetCNC Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 customers.

Here at SheetCNC.co.uk we do still help with after-sales support and pre-sales technical queries. So if you’ve got any technical questions about SheetCNC do feel free to get in touch.

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SheetCNC’s Design Office is at:
nr Bethesda

Visits by appointment only, please.