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Welcome to SheetCNC.co.uk – home of the SheetCNC machine.

Build a complete, ready-to-work, full-sheet water-cooled 8′ x 4′ 2.5D/3D CNC router for under £3400*

Here at SheetCNC.co.uk we’ve designed this light-duty large-format CNC router from scratch. The mechanics of the machine can be built from a kit by any competent DIYer in a weekend. Then simply add a water-cooled spindle and a s/h PC to control it and you’ll have a complete, ready-for-work, large-format water-cooled CNC router in your own shed. The whole ready-for-work machine – including spindle and controller – can be completed for less than £3400*.

Kit production has now been licensed to UK-DIYcnc who have sole license to build and sell SheetCNC kits.

What can SheetCNC make, realistically? Here are some of the things that we use SheetCNC for…

  • Every SheetCNC kit ever made has been cut on a SheetCNC machine. Workpieces are 8×4 sheets of 25mm plywood and 25mm MDF.
  • Every PhieldBug produced to date has been cut on a SheetCNC machine. Workpieces are 8×4 sheets of 18mm, 10mm, 6mm and 4mm marine plywood, 18mm MDF, 2mm uPVC sheet, and 4mm polycarbonate.
  • MechanicalCat and its various siblings are made – complete with ready-to-use cogs, gears and bearing-housings – on a SheetCNC. Workpieces include 25mm and 13mm MDF and some plastics.

To give a flavour of SheetCNC’s capabilities, here’s some video of an early Mk3. This clip shows SheetCNC cutting 13mm MDF at very high speed – 5,000mm/minute – using a low-cost 6mm single-fluted cutter. This was also the first outing for the new Tornado vacuum dust collection head which now ships with all Mk3 kits.

The work produced is exceptionally clean, so that the finished item could be taken off SheetCNC’s bed and immediately assembled – just as shown in the video – with no clean-up or other preparation work.

News: The full-size 8’x4′ SheetCNC Mk3 has now been joined by its half-size twin: the 4’x4′ SheetCNC Mk3. The ‘half-size’ bed is – in fact – just over 4′ long which offers the option to cut large parts from full 8’x4′ sheets by registering index pins across the centre of the board. The half-size machine is in all respects identical to the full-size machine, except that the table is 4′ shorter. Ideal for smaller sheds.

We’re confident that our Mk3 is the ultimate budget large-format CNC router, with a price/performance ratio that knocks the competition out of the arena. So this is going to be our last iteration of SheetCNC for quite some time.

For more videos, please click here for some very old video of SheetCNC Mk1 machining plywood, MDF, aluminium, brass, uPVC and printed-circuit boards. Sorry these videos are so out-of-date – do bear in mind when watching that the Mk1 was a very slow machine. We really will get some Mk3 videos up on the website soon 🙂


*Based on a 8′ x 4′ kit price of £2900, plus an allowance of £400 for 3rd party parts and up to £100 for unexpected sundries. Please check latest kit prices with UK-DIYcnc and see our free downloads for an estimated breakdown of 3rd party costs.